About Reurl

The difference between reurl.cc and goo.gl or bit.ly is that all click analytics are PRIVATE for every shortened URL.

Service Items

ShortenURL information
  • You can add a plus mark(+) at the end of shortenURL, then you can get some information about this shortenURL
ShortenURL expired time
  • When no one clicks on the shorten URL for more than five month, reurl will classify the shorten URL as an inactive link. We will review these inactive links and may remove links.
Shorten your URLs
  • You can just paste your URLs to the website from your desktop or smartphone and it will create the shortened URLs for you
  • Thumbnail and description of shorten URL should be displayed on page. It may not show thumbnail and description if the website is under cloudflare. You can follow this article to set reurl to cloudflare whitelist.Here
  • If you have an account, you can get a statistics report for your URLs

Chrome Extension
  • You can install our chrome extension to shorten your URLs with just a click.

  • After logging in and going to the "developers" page, you can use the web api to shorten your URLs by batch processing

Line Bot
  • You can start to use Reurl bot after adding Reurl as your Line friend

Other free online tools
  • Geo IP- Find my IP or enter IP to get a Geolocation.
  • Big5/GB Converter: Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese Converter.
  • QR Code- Enter URL or any string to generate a QR Code and download.
  • UTM tool- Enter UTM parameter to generate a UTM URL.
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